Parents, ponies and pucks at PNC: Hurricanes host clinic for daughters, parents

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Taking advantage of a teacher work day in Wake County, the Hurricanes got girls and parents on the ice together. There were a few spills but way more smiles.

The Hurricanes recently employed Alyssa Gagliardi to weave more women's hockey into the community.

"It was mostly just to make sure people were having fun. I think just to be able to have a parent and their daughter out there on the ice together is something that you don't really get to do very often."

"I just barely ever get to really skate with my mom on the ice. It was my first time."

Don't be fooled by the more feminine color choices. Many of these young ladies have been skating for years and take this sport just as serious as the boys do. Like 6-year-old Bridget Healy.

"I thought the best part was watching my mom skate because it was really funny. But also the crossovers were really fun."

Mom Maryellen has watched both of her girls thrive off the ice thanks to skills learned on it. "Playing a sport that there aren't a lot of other girls playing has done wonders for their confidence because people everywhere say 'wow you play hockey, that's great.'"

While this clinic focuses on the kiddos the parents get just as much out of it. Some reliving their childhood. Others just soaking up time with their daughters.

Proud dad Dan Bowman drove his two daughters from Wilmington to take part. "Its just always fun to be on the ice with the kiddos seeing their smiles and seeing them enjoy playing."

Of course from the parents like mom Maryellen, there will be some pain with today's gain. "It was great. I'm in a little bit of pain. But it was great and it kind of encouraged me that this is something that I could probably do again. And if I did it more the easier it would get.

So how many falls did you have mom?

"I fell zero times. Because if I fell I'd still be laying out there, I wouldn't have been able to get up."

After a confidence building workshop, they settled in to watch the pros practice. Tonight they'll be dreaming about that next level up.
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