USO hosts Military Spouse Reset Program for pregnant spouses of deployed soldiers

FORT BRAGG, N.C. (WTVD) -- The USO of North Carolina held its Expecting Spouse Reset in the Soldier Support Center.

The mission of the program is to equip pregnant spouses of deployed soldiers, like Kisha Lee-Paylor, with resources. Paylor is expecting her first child and is new to the community. She recently moved to Fort Bragg with her husband, who was stationed in Italy.

"It's helping me prepare for the baby. Going over what I need to know. Sometimes you don't even know what you need to know," said Paylor.

The USO partnered with military organizations to offer team building and other skills to help the women get ready for motherhood. Additionally, the women were able to meet with representatives from the YMCA and Army Community Services.

Mariah Colberr is expecting her fourth child and said being a military spouse to a deployed soldier has many challenges.

"Being both a mother and father at the same time can be very stressful. Developing a routine without having your spouse involved," said Colberr.

In January, Fort Bragg soldiers deployed rapidly to the Middle East. According to the 82nd Airborne Division, this was the first time troops deployed with no notice in more than 30 years.

While some of their husbands have returned home, the hope is next time the war fighters deploy, operations at home won't be as difficult to manage for spouses.
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