NC musician looks to share positivity amid COVID-19 with 'Dear Corona' song

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WTVD) -- Annelle Staal sends out peaceful good vibes through the airwaves with a soulful and spirited voice.

She works as a musician. She lived in Nashville for a while before moving back to North Carolina.

Since COVID-19, the singer-songwriter has found herself with a slew of canceled gigs, so she's had a bit of time on her hands.

This temporary moment of pause has brought about inspiration to the young crooner. The boredom with those she's living with lead to a brainstorming session, then a songwriting competition, and eventually a catchy song, "Dear Corona."

"Our house has gone in and out of moments of tension... and in a hard situation, I think it's important to remember to find the humor... you know, like find the optimism," Staal said. "I wanted to write about the more difficult things, like were all snacking a little bit more or the opening line about texting your ex. It's just the silly little things."

Staal says that a lot of other full-time musicians are seeking new ways to reach audiences during this time of Stay-At-Home orders. "We've had to get more creative, so, like, a lot of musicians and performers that relied on these crowds gathering are doing things online."

The temporary suspension of work has allowed Staal time to be still and create.

"I've been using this time to create and write. I think that's why 'Dear Corona' song came to be, I have this time to write, you know I'm not out working."
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