Share Your Heroes: 47-year breast cancer survivor amazes her family

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Breast cancer survivor Margaret Campell Judd is as strong as they come.

"When I think about my grandmother, I think about love cause that's who she is. I think about sacrifice because she was a caretaker for my late grandfather. And I think about strength because she survived breast cancer many years ago," Judd's grandson said.

Margaret is a 47-year breast cancer survivor. The Sanford resident is a mother to seven, with many grandchildren.

"She never misses attending the Survivors Dinner or Breast Cancer's Survivors Walk during October in Sanford," her daughter Ann said. "She participates in Relay for Life."


In November, Margaret celebrates her 91st birthday.

"There's a song that goes you don't look like what you've been through and my grandmother is the epitome of that," Margaret's granddaughter said. "Every year more than 200,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer, and I know the circumstances may seem grim, (but) my grandmother is a reminder to all of those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer that you too can survive."
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