Plant shop blossoms from need and love

LOS ANGELES -- While many businesses have struggled during the pandemic, Andi Xoch has had success in opening two plant shops.

"Everyone has a driving force that we hardly tap into," said Xoch. "Realizing that caring for my father, caring for my community. These were constant reminders of what made me the strong person that I am now. The person that was not afraid of taking risks."

She opened her first plant store in May and her second store in November.

"The concept -of my store- Latinx with Plants rose from the necessity of wanting or needing representation of P.O.C. (people of color) specifically brown people in the plant world, especially in social media platforms," said Xoch.

Xoch's love for plants started as a hobby. But after she began to care for her father, who is battling kidney failure, she realized she needed to make extra money.

"I realized that one job was not going to be enough for me to sustain myself and my father," said Xoch. "So I decided to do what I knew was needed and a moment of need, and that was sell and create some sort of business."

Xoch, an artist at heart, left her art studio job and is now working at her two plant stores.

"Having my dad always in the back of my mind, whether I know he's gonna get better or not, is always reminding me that I just have to keep trying," said Xoch. "And even if he passes away, I always thought that it would be more shameful for me not to do anything than to put myself out there."

Xoch said her business' success is because of her community who's rallying behind her!