KKK targets Fayetteville police chief?

FAYETTEVILLE, NC (WTVD) -- In a word, Fayetteville Police Chief Harold Medlock is angry. He says the KKK left a racist flyer on his front lawn and he told ABC11 he believes he was the target.

Now, he has a message for the white supremacist group.

"When you start trying to intimidate people I take it seriously. When you try to intimidate me I take it seriously," said Medlock. "If they have a problem with me, I'll be happy to meet them anytime anywhere and well will discuss their issues with me."

The chief wasn't the only one to get the plastic bag with a Confederate flag, a piece of candy, and a recruiting flyer. The flyers were put out in the Vanstory neighborhood to apparently a select group of residents. Not everyone got a flyer.

"It's intimidation, an attempt to intimidate people. I'm not going to be intimidated by it," said Medlock.

The others included a bi-racial family, and a 68-year-old African American woman who called the material an outrage.

Police are not sure how many residents were targeted. Medlock said he suspects the Klan is trying to capitalize on recent racial turmoil in the country.

"I think now is the time for everyone to step back and take a breath. Let's decide where we are going as a country. Until people do that, we are going to continue to have this kind of hatred," said Medlock.

Medlock is asking any other residents who may have gotten the flyers to turn them into police. He is having his forensic experts try and get fingerprints or DNA from the plastic bag and papers to identify those responsible.

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