New fitness circuit in Apex caters to clients' schedules

Tuesday, November 24, 2015
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9Round location in Apex

APEX, N.C. (WTVD) -- With a name like 9Round and a decor to match, it's no surprise that the workouts at a new fitness circuit are centered around kickboxing.

The owner of this Apex location says it's best described as a fun, full-body workout, condensed into a short amount of time.

"It's only 30 minutes, and it's non-stop. You're busy the entire 30 minutes that you're here," explains general manager Janet Lewis.

She points out you can come whenever it's convenient for you.

"Here you have no class times. You come in whenever you like (when we're open) and the workouts change every day," Lewis adds.

It's something that's been a big draw for members like David Hooper who joined a year ago at the urging of his wife.

"Because I travel for work and it's hard for me to commit to a scheduled workout, she said, 'You know, you come in, it's 30 minutes, whenever you want to work out, you just show up,'" Hooper recalls.

As for how it works, it's set up as a circuit with nine stations or "rounds." Each round involves a different exercise that lasts for three minutes, and the workouts change daily.

"I've been doing it for 15 months and I've already lost 2 inches off my waist," says member Chutimar Altizer.

Members can maximize their results by wearing heart rate monitors hooked into a system called "Myzone" to make sure their heart rates are at the appropriate levels.

"I've used their little fitness tracker that monitors my heart and I've burned almost 4,000 calories in a week," says Daniel Carey who was fresh off his first week as a new member.

Just as you don't have to have kickboxing experience to join, you don't have to have your own gloves either. They do have some loaners they can give you.

And, if you sign up for a two month membership they'll give you gloves and a heart rate monitor as part of that package.

The basic cost for membership is $79 a month, although you can try your first class for free. There are other locations throughout the Triangle.

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