Raleigh church group returning from Haiti after civil unrest

A church group stuck in Haiti is finally coming back to Raleigh.

Nearly 30 high school students and eight adults from White Memorial Presbyterian Church had gone there Friday.

The mission trip is getting cut short because of civil unrest in the country - protesters clashed again Monday for a fourth consecutive day.

It started because of a government plan to raise fuel prices but that's not been rescinded.

"Shortly after they got there, they got to the hotel and it became apparent that because of the unrest in the streets, they wouldn't be able to go out and do mission work," said Gary Fulton, associate pastor for administration and outreach. "They are experiencing a lot of life that they wouldn't experience here in Raleigh certainly. It's a good bonding experience for them and to understand the rest of the world as well as the needs that they're seeing there."

The church said it's been involved in medical and educational ministry in Haiti for years. They're in the process of building a high school there.

"We really are making an impact," Fulton said. "Haiti is a place with many needs. Obviously, it's one of the poorest economies in the world. For the folks in Haiti, it's important to know people do care about them."

The church said it's bringing the group back out of an abundance of caution. Half of the people come back Wednesday; the other half Thursday.
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