Khalia Davis adapts and directs 'A Kids Play About Racism' to teach kids about complexities of racism

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- With news around the country constantly coming in about racial injustice, talking to kids about racism can be difficult. "A Kids Play About Racism" aims to bridge the gap between kids and their parents in discussing these difficult topics.

The play was adapted from "A Kids Book About Racism," written by Jelani Memory, which he wrote as a way to talk about racism with his own kids. The play was made available for free online for a limited time to increase accessibility.

"We wanted to make sure that it was clear that we appreciate, accept, and uplift children where they are," said Khalia Davis, the play's adapter and director. Davis, a San Jose native, says families can expect levity, moments of silliness, and rap music that is kid-appropriate and bright and colorful.

She explains the play also doesn't shy away from the harsh realities a lot of young Black and Brown children face, including name-calling and being put in situations that make them uncomfortable. "The thing that I love, that I hope people realize, is that young people are still looking for grown ups and older people to take their hand and walk them through that experience in a loving way," said Davis.