'Potentially 2 million Americans could lose their lives': ABC's Dr. Jennifer Ashton describes alarming COVID-19 death rate in US

The confirmed rate for COVID-related deaths in the U.S. is hovering just under 5%, while worldwide numbers are at about 0.6%. That is six times as deadly as the seasonal flu, explains Dr. Jennifer Ashton.
The number of confirmed coronavirus cases being reported over the past six weeks has increased globally. And the executive director of the World Health Organization emergencies program warned a spike in deaths could soon follow.

ABC chief medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton explains why the numbers for the U.S. death rate are alarming.

"Our fatality rate for confirmed COVID-related deaths is hovering just under 5%. That is incredibly high. Worldwide, we're hearing numbers of 0.6% fatality rate. To compare that to seasonal flu - that's 0.1% fatality rate - six times as deadly. If you're talking about numbers like that, you're potentially talking about millions, potentially 2 million Americans who could lose their lives to this," said Dr. Ashton.

The ABC medical correspondent reminds everyone that the virus is still unpredictable and everyone should continue to follow health guidelines.

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