How to Make Slime

Slime is simple to make and lots of fun to play with! Follow this easy recipe and get a fun lesson in chemistry from ABC11 Science Club with BASF.

The objective of this experiment is to use basic chemical techniques to make slime. Students will learn how a mixture of Elmer's Glue with Borax and water produces a putty-like material called a polymer.

Click here to download a PDF of the experiment to print & recreate with your kids at home!

About Polymers:In simplest terms, a polymer is a long chain of molecules. If the long molecules slide past each other easily, then the substance acts like a liquid because the molecules flow. If the molecules stick together at a few places along the strand, then the substance behaves like a rubbery solid called an elastomer. Borax is the compound that is responsible for hooking the glue's molecules together to form the putty-like material. When making homemade slime, you learn about some of the properties of polymers.

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