Maggie Green - Data Journalist at WTVD
Maggie Green is the Data Journalist for WTVD. California-bred and Tennessee-raised, she is excited to call North Carolina home.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies from Yale University, Maggie found her footing as a digital content producer at WMCTV in Memphis, Tenn., where she started a weekly events blog and reported on the Memphis Zoo.

Maggie then pursued her Master's degree at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, where she studied investigative health care reporting and served as the science reporter for Uptown Radio, the school's weekly live radio broadcast-covering everything from astrophysics to the love hormone oxytocin to the technology behind asphalt, which is cooler than it sounds.

After graduate school, Maggie accepted a video fellowship at Inverse, a digital media company now owned by Bustle Digital Group, where she wrote, produced, directed, edited and appeared in videos about the mind and body.

Maggie has also taught dance and aerial arts professionally, studied the anti-inflammatory effects of compounds produced by endophytic fungi she collected from plants in the Amazon rainforest, toured internationally with a children's theatre company, and made pies and hard cider at a Vermont apple orchard (her favorite apple is the Rambour Franc, otherwise known as the Summer Rambo).

Now, she spends weekends playing with her rescue dogs Simon and Betty, powerlifting, and watching way too much TV.

Maggie's Stories
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