Local neighborhood mass-orders meals to support Durham favorite Saltbox Seafood Joints

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- A Durham neighborhood is giving back to their community by supporting restaurants during the pandemic by making mass orders to promote business.

The Solterra neighborhood -- about 15 households -- chooses a different restaurant every week and orders approximately 30-40 meals. This week, the community chose Durham favorite Saltbox Seafood Joints.

"It's a good way for people to experience different restaurants in town and hopefully help them to keep going and help us stay safe," said Kathy Stone, a Solterra neighborhood resident.

Owner and head chef Ricky Moore sure wasn't complaining about the business -- in fact, he was surprised.

"It adds up, we don't take anything for granted," said Moore." For me, I just fed, at least, 20 or 30 people and someone volunteered to come and get the food." There was like 40 people I just fed and that's just like having 40 people in the restaurant and we are set up and organized to do that to feed people like this so it's super important."

Moore said he believes the act of adopting restaurants should become a trend. He said if six neighborhoods adopted a restaurant weekly, it is a sustainable amount of revenue.
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