Frustrated adoption center clients fight to get personal info back

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017
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Tarah McGrath and other clients of Independent Adoption Center are still tyring to get their personal documents.

RALEIGH, North Carolina (WTVD) -- Hundreds of hopeful adoptive parents are still fighting to get back their personal information more than a month after Independent Adoption Center abruptly closed its doors in North Raleigh.

"I'm frustrated," Tarah McGrath said. "Aggravated."

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McGrath was in the middle of an adoption when IAC filed for bankruptcy.

She's been trying to add a new member to the family while also looking to move into a bigger home. McGrath is running into roadblocks securing a loan because she doesn't have certain documents.


"I just really need our tax records," she said. "I have copies, but I don't have a lot of originals."

IAC bankruptcy attorney Charles Maher told ABC11 that 800 files worth of original documents, such as birth certificates and tax records, are locked up right now at an undisclosed Raleigh location.

The trustee was looking to turn the hard copies into digital copies, and then destroy the originals. The trustee believed this was the "least expensive" way to get rid of the files, according to court documents.

The state warned this move would be a violation of state law.

The Department of Health and Human Service is stepping in and searching for an agency to take the documents.

"DHHS is currently monitoring the situation and working with the bankruptcy trustee's attorney to find suitable placement for the records," said spokesperson Cobey Culton.

McGrath is happy that the state is stepping in but wonders how long it'll take to get back her originals.

"We could go on years not knowing where our documents are," she said.

Some victims lost out on $15,000 worth of an investment when the center closed down.

Several victims told ABC11 they were able to recoup some losses when they wrote off the "failed adoption" on their income taxes.

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