Former Dodgers all-star Adrian Gonzalez's SoCal favorites

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Thursday, March 25, 2021
Former Dodger Adrian Gonzalez shares his SoCal favorites
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Localish caught up with former Dodgers star Adrian Gonzalez to talk about his new at home workout and how he has been spending his time during the pandemic.

LA JOLLA -- Former Dodgers slugger Adrian Gonzalez has been dealing with the pandemic pretty much like the rest of us. Trying to stay healthy, eating his favorite take-out, and trying to keep his daughters entertained at home.

Although, he admits that he has stayed busy during the past year with his many business ventures.

"We've been so busy with our businesses," says Gonzalez. "My wife with Mia Becar, and myself with the Jersey Mike stores, Calidad, and I launched my cigar line."

Of course, he is referring to the many Jersey Mikes sandwich stores he owns, Calidad Beer, which he is an investor, and his new cigar line El Titan, which is also one of his nicknames as an MLB all-star.

Gonzalez was also happy to discuss his favorite take-out spots in Los Angeles, and how he enjoys walking on the beaches of La Jolla with his wife and two daughters.

"In L.A. we did a lot of Tacos 1986. I grew up in Tijuana with tacos like that. This is what I grew up eating," says Gonzalez.

"We did a lot of Izakaya, and Sugarfish. I'm a big Sushi fan," says Gonzalez. "One thing I will say from my playing days is don't eat sushi in Pittsburgh!"

During the height of his playing career, and even now, Gonzalez has always tried to stay on the forefront of fitness. Trying everything that can help him mitigate the injuries that plagued the backend of his career.

That's when he decided to partner with LIT Method, which is a new at-home fitness machine.

"I'm always interested in new workout techniques," Gonzalez told Localish. "So when LIT was introduced to me it was interesting. Anything that can keep stress away from your joints, from your knees, from your hips, from you back, and still be a great workout."

Gonzalez and Lit Method founder, Justin Norris, also used the opportunity to give back by hosting a virtual workout class together where they gave away a free machine. All the entry donations would be given to the World Central Kitchen to help combat food insecurity and support relief efforts in Texas.

"During my whole career, my wife and I have always been about giving back. And so for us, whenever we can partner and do something great for the community, for people that are in need, excuse my pun, but that's a homerun."