Advertise with ABC11

ABC11 is a Walt Disney Company owned station with a wide variety of multi-media tools to help you reach your advertising goals. Below is just a snap shot of what we have to offer:

Broadcast TV Services: ABC11 News, ABC TV, NBA, College Football, NFL, Academy Awards, American Music Awards and much more

Digital Services:, targeted display ads, targeted video ads, social media, creative production and more.

Streaming Services: Disney , Hulu Cross Portfolio (ABC, ESPN, FX, National Geographic, Freeform, Disney Channel)

Community Projects: Raleigh Christmas Parade, ABC11 Together Food Drive, Operation Save a Life, etc.

Let us help turn your marketing plan into a targeted, data driven results oriented campaign.

Darren Pieh
General Sales Manager

Eric Hungate
Local/National Sales Manager

TJ Dula
Digital Sales Manager/Marketing Director
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