An international trip for only $300 roundtrip? Here's how you can score flight deals

Are you still looking to get away for the upcoming holidays? You could shell out some big bucks or you could save hundreds of dollars by using cheap flight tricks.

Nick and Ashley Triggiano travel the world by scoring deals on international flights.

One deal took them from the Triangle to Switzerland for just $400 a ticket.

Another time they paid only $300 each for a roundtrip from RDU to Barcelona.

Most recently, they scored $150 roundtrip tickets from RDU to Peru.

Nick said he landed the deals by using the website

"They think international travel is expensive but sometimes if you sit around and wait you can find things like this and capitalize and get something half the price," Nick said.

Scott Keyes, founder of Scott's Cheap Flights, says his online services find deals on international flights.

Once you sign up on the website, you get email alerts about cheap fares and if a deal interests you, you then book directly with that airline.

Keyes says there are still deals for travel around Thanksgiving.

"Thanksgiving is one of the best weeks of the year to travel internationally," he said. "I call it the hidden gem week of the year because people think of it as an expensive time of year to fly but if you travel internationally and you already have the time off from work it's a great time to travel."

Keyes said it's tough to land deals on flights if you have a set schedule.

"Give yourself as much flexibility as possible and then you're going to have much greater odds of a cheap flight popping up that will work for you," he said.

He added the key is to set the priority on price and not schedule.

"Step one is to see, where are there cheap flights from my home airport. Step two is, of all the places that it's cheap, which one interests me? And then step three is of those ones that interest me...are there dates that work with my schedule?" Keyes said.
Another tool to use to track the price of flights is Google Flights.

You put in when you want to fly and you can get email alerts about price changes.

If you're looking at flights around the Christmas and New Year holiday, the bad news is there are very few deals to be found, however, book now as travel experts say the longer you wait, the price will just keep increasing.
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