Taking a summer trip? Make sure to leave extra time and check COVID protocols

Travel is picking up at RDU airport as more people take end-of-summer trips before September hits and kids go back to school.

The carrier American Airlines is warning travelers it could take longer to go through the airport's security checkpoint.

Travelers have noticed there has been more congestion.

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"Definitely, planes waiting to park because it's so incredibly busy. Everyone wants to go somewhere," said traveler Christina Goddard.

TSA spokesperson Mark Howell says wait times are at around 14-17 minutes when the airport is at its busiest.

There are different rules and requirements depending on where you go right now domestically or internationally.

Travelers are encouraged to check policies beforehand.

Biden administration plans to require COVID-19 vaccines for foreign travelers

One person bound for the beaches of Aruba recently received an email she'll have to shell an extra $175 for a COVID test at an Aruba-approved testing site. The new policy went into effect Monday.
People heading to Los Angeles must sign a form before arrival, acknowledging CDC guidance.

The agency says those who are fully-vaccinated are fine to travel about the country.

The CDC is urging people who are not fully-vaccinated to delay travel or get a COVID test one to three days before a trip.

Debbie Limato, of Holly Springs, is concerned about sailing through the sky while the Delta variant is swirling in the air.

"You're always a little bit nervous about the amount of people," she said. "I have my own Lysol wipes and I clean down our seats."

Masks are a must if you're flying anywhere. The TSA is requiring them in all airports and onboard flights.
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