Party's over! New rule bans hard alcohol at college frat houses

DeJuan Hoggard Image
Wednesday, September 5, 2018

INDIANAPOLIS -- In a near-unanimous vote by the North-American Interfraternity Conference, more than 6,100 fraternity chapters across 800 campuses in the U.S. will ban hard liquor at chapter events and frat houses.

The move follows alcohol-related deaths in 2017 at Louisiana State University and Penn State University.

The ban will include hard alcohol with more than 15 percent alcohol by volume unless it is served by a third party vendor.

Leaders are giving fraternities until Sept. 1, 2019, to comply by the rule.

"This action shows fraternities' clear commitment and leadership to further their focus on the safety of members and all in our communities," said Judson Horras, president and CEO of the Carmel.

Specifically, the ban will include vodka, tequila, and other hard liquor.

"With all NIC fraternities implementing this critical change, it will provide strong support for fraternities to move as one to make campus communities safer," Gutwein said in a NIC news release.

The NIC said the new rule follows the adoption of other alcohol-related initiatives in the past year, including a conferencewide adoption of good-Samaritan medical policies, piloting further measures to reduce alcohol, and advocating for stronger anti-hazing laws.