Wake Forest woman blasts Amazon on social media after package left in pouring rain

WAKE FOREST, N.C. (WTVD) -- Some customers are feeling disrespected after Amazon left their packages in the driveway instead of at the front door.

Mary Ann Wilkerson took her frustration to Facebook.

She put Amazon on blast Friday after posting an image of her delivered package sitting close to the edge of the road in the pouring rain.

"This is unacceptable!" Mary posted."No reason to not put on the doorsteps!"

The wet package was a Christmas gift to her husband Tim.

"She's a very mild mannered person but she wasn't very pleased with that," Tim Wilkerson laughed.

More than 200 people commented expressing similar frustrations or just plain concern.

"Most of the time it's not bad but that was just ridiculous," Mr. Wilkerson stated.

Normally, Amazon packages are delivered straight to the customer's door.

Amazon uses a combination of independent contract drivers, USPS and Fed Ex carriers to deliver goods.

On Monday, an Amazon spokesperson released this statement to ABC11:

"This does not reflect the standards we have for delivery service partners. We are addressing this with the delivery service partner and will work with customers directly to make things right."

There has been no uptick in package thefts, but Wake Forest Police continue to warn neighbors to take precaution.

Last December, Rafael Perez and Leticia Alden-Flores were charged with seven counts of Possession of Stolen Goods and six counts of Larceny.

Authorities said they used a pizza delivery vehicle to swipe packages.

Here are some tips to use to keep your packages safe:

Require packages to be signed.

  • If allowed, deliver packages to your work

  • Sign up for free alerts from USPS or FedEx when your package is set to be delivered

  • Deliver your package to a friend or family member you know will be home

  • Ask your neighbors to be on the lookout

Amazon also said customers can use these features:

  • Amazon Map Tracking: This feature lets customers view the progress of their delivery on a map in real time when the driver is close. It allows them to see the remaining number of stops a driver has before their delivery arrives, and, if they wish, helps them adjust their plan in order to receive their package

  • Amazon Logistics Photo On Delivery: It provides visual delivery confirmation and shows customers that their package was safely delivered and where

Amazon said to call its customer service number at (888) 280-4331 if you have complaints about deliveries or stolen packages.
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