Amazon Prime paying customers to pass on 2-day shipping

Have you ever waited too long for your two-day shipping from Amazon Prime? It turns out you could get paid to wait.

Amazon Prime gives you the option to receive a credit on your account, or an instant discount on your order every time you choose free "no rush" shipping when checking out. Your packages are guaranteed to arrive within six business days when choosing the "no rush" shipping option.

Amazon's website says:

"You can use your No-Rush rewards towards purchasing a variety of things. Rewards can be used for buying eBooks for your Kindle, movies and TV shows on Prime Video, groceries and daily essentials on AmazonFresh, and for 2-hour deliveries with Prime Now. You'll see which No-Rush reward your order qualifies for in the offer at checkout. Rewards are automatically added to your account once your FREE No-Rush order ships and are automatically redeemed on qualifying orders. This is just another perk of being a Prime member!"

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Popular shopping blog Rather Be Shopping also posted this shipping hack. If Amazon Prime customers choose the two-day shipping, and your items do not arrive on time, Amazon may offer you a credit for the inconvenience if you reach out to customer service. So if your order was set to arrive on Monday, and it gets pushed to Tuesday, reach out to customer service.

You may end up with your package, and a little savings in your wallet as well.

More information can be found on Amazon's website.
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