Video: Angry NYPD officer goes berserk over closing chocolate store in Connecticut

STAMFORD, Connecticut -- An NYPD officer is in trouble with the law after a scuffle at a chocolate shop in Connecticut.

It was all caught on camera by an eyewitness who said they couldn't believe the woman - who was so angry that the shop was closing - was an off-duty cop.

A video shows 30-year-old Amanda Villafane refusing to leave the store in Stamford Sunday night, as employees tried to close.

Bystanders said Villafane cursed and threatened to hit someone.

When her significant other, Christopher Salvadore, realized someone was recording video, he allegedly threw a punch.

"We were on top of each other wrestling," said eyewitness Max Alba. "I was trying to break it up, and he pushed everyone off. The guy (Salvadore) cut him with a good sucker punch at the end of the fight. His eyes started bleeding, his head started bleeding all over his nose.

Villafane and Salvadore were arrested. The NYPD has reportedly suspended Villafane.
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