Puppy Rescue Mission - Making a connection between man and dog

CARY, N.C. (WTVD) -- "I can't believe she doesn't nip butts anymore!"

That kind of behavior is no longer a problem for these dogs.

If they could talk, you'd hear some tales that could make your hair stand on end.

Dogs like Patriot used to live in the places where American troops are in harm's way.

"Guys really fall in love with those animals, and form a close bond, especially when you're away from family and friends," said Jeremy Griffin, a veteran of four tours to Iraq.

Puppy Rescue Mission made the connection between man and dog.

"It's pretty funny that a little puppy from Afghanistan that probably did without a lot of food, water, shelter could be spoiled so quickly. But my wife's managed to do a good job," Griffin said.

The mission matches dogs that bond with military members over there with people stateside who are willing to take the dogs into their homes.

"At the end of their deployment they don't want to leave the animals they've rescued behind. So they contact us, and we do all the coordinating and fundraising and work to get them home," said Anna Chiasson, Puppy Rescue Mission founder.

And just like humans who have a hard time adjusting after stressful situations, it is possible to get some of those dogs some TLC, in the form of massage.

"Yes, I would love to help them out. I've been talking to a couple of people here, and even transporting them from Afghanistan, that's traumatic, being in a plane or helicopter," said Melanie Hampton, with Serenity Pet Massage.

There's also a service available for troops who deploy, and leave their pets back home in the states.

"A network of fosters, set up across the country! All you do is go on www.dogsondeployment.org and fill out an application, and they will assist in finding a long term foster for your animal," said Monica Cox, with Dogs on Deployment.

We're talking national programs for these pets, their buddies and families, and a military friendly state like North Carolina has plenty of potential participants.

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