Apex sees string of car break-ins

APEX, NC (WTVD) -- The Walden Creek neighborhood in Apex has been recently hit by a string of car break-ins, even as recent as this week.

Apex Police have yet to announce a description of the suspect or suspects.

However, a recent victim told ABC11 she noticed two teenage-looking boys attempting to break into her car along Henniker Street.

"It's really scary. Makes me glad that I have a really, big dog," said resident Heather McCollum.

Her neighbor was victimized a while ago and a bottle of prescription pills were stolen.

Outside her neighbor's house sits a visible security camera capturing every move.

"They've got to know we're recording them too and yet they still keep coming back," McCollum added. "They're very brazen which makes me a little worried because if they keep doing this and they're not getting caught and they're going back again and again, they may try to break into a house."

McCollum's school of thought is shared with a nearby neighbor, military veteran Joseph Cohen, who has lived in Apex for 20 years.

"There have even been times when we've left home for an hour or an hour and a half, left the doors unlocked and came home and found everything fine," Cohen admitted.

The recent break-ins have since changed his mind. "At this point in time, we find Apex is no longer the nice, quiet community that we've come accustomed to."

Cohen beings to view his role in the community as one of a steward.

He is also in ministry at a local church.

"I'm concerned about folks who live around me," he said. "Try to invest if you can for that extra level of security as being neighbors and good stewards of the community. We need to get back to what we used to do. We need to look out for one another and not take it as though I'm secure and I'm fine and I don't care about anybody else."

If you have any information or catch thieves on camera, contact the police.
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