Apex teen charged with vandalism graffiti spree

APEX, N.C. (WTVD) -- An Apex teenager is charged with seven counts of graffiti vandalism during three nights earlier this month.

Police in the southern Wake County town said some of the spray-painted messages were aimed at them.

They said those messages included profanity followed by the letters "APD," which investigators said they believe stands for Apex Police Department.

Police have charged Joseph Kendall Weller, 16, with the crimes.

Apex graffiti spree

Some of the tagging was on public buildings and street signs and some was on private buildings and signs.

All were in the same general vicinity on the northern part of downtown Apex.

Apex graffiti spree

The owner of Mr. A's Beignet food truck, Arlton Cangelosi, says his truck was tagged two weeks ago.

The vandal spray painted the letters "LAB" across his logo on the right side of his truck, which sits in a gravel lot on North Salem Street.

He sent pictures of the graffiti to ABC11 including pictures of other nearby businesses that were also tagged with "LAB" and the word "Panda."

A police spokesman said the department has had previous interactions with Weller.

Apex graffiti spree

Cangelosi, the owner of the food truck, thinks graffiti vandals should have to pay for the damage they cause and maybe have to do some clean-up like the two hours he spent scrubbing his food truck.

"Maybe he could do community service painting over some graffiti on public areas," he said. "I think their peers would eventually hear about it and go, 'OK. Well, that sucks. I don't want to do that.'"

Police said tagging is often thought of as a harmless prank but they said it's a crime that taxpayers often have to pay to clean up.

The charges against Weller are misdemeanors.

He was released from jail into his mother's custody.
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