Utah man implants Tesla key into skin, unlocks car by raising hand

SPRINGVILLE, Utah -- A Utah man inserted technology under his skin that lets him unlock his Tesla with just a wave of his hand.

Inserting more computer chips allowed him to also unlock doors at work, log on and off of his computer and share contact information.

Ben Workman, the self-titled "cybernetics enthusiast, " studies human and machine interaction.

The first few implants weren't done by a piercing artist or a doctor, Workman convinced a family member to help him with the procedure.

"In all reality, it was experimentation and curiosity," Workman said. "To get them in, they come in syringes, that you just place under the skin and pop the tags out, except the Tesla key."

Workman asked a piercing studio to help insert his Tesla key but he said they were not too keen on the idea at first.

The cybernetics enthusiast also has a magnet attached to his left hand, he says it's for "magic tricks" and "fun stuff."
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