Food Lion shooting nearly misses bystander


On Sunday, Lisa Damiano and her daughter drove to a Food Lion store to buy a newspaper. While she was in the parking lot, police say a group of men got into a confrontation inside the store.

It erupted into gunfire once the men got into the parking lot.

Police say one of the men was killed, another injuried.

Damiano says she and her daughter heard four loud pops. One of the bullets struck her car, shattering her back window and grazing Damiano on the head. A part of the bullet she says is still lodged in her car's sun visor.

"I heard glass shatter, I heard screaming, I heard yelling and my truck felt like something, just moved my entire truck," Damiano said.

She said she moved here from Arizona in November to start a new life, however, with Sunday's brush with death, she says she is afraid to leave her house.

"A friend of mine took me out last night to get me out of the house, the first time since Sunday night and I was scared," Damiano said. "I was looking at every car, looking at every person, how do you know? It's scary."

Fayetteville police say after the shooting the gunman drove in a dark colored SUV.

Investigators are asking the public for help in identifying the SUV.

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