Soldier arrested for deadly shooting


Elihue Schofield, 25, was arrested Monday night. The special operations command soldier is accused of killing one man and wounding the son of the Red Springs Police Chief Troy McDuffie.

Schofield is a corporal in the Army's Special Forces Command. He is not a Green Beret Soldier.

Fayetteville Police arrested him Monday night without incident on post.

Police say the Bragg soldier shot two people December 30 outside a Food Lion on Raeford Road.

"My main concern was just catching the guy -- not just for me but for my find that passed away, Raymond," shooting victim Sean McDuffie said. "Cause you know, they just killed him and took him out my life."

McDuffie is the son of Red Springs Police Chief Troy McDuffie. Sean survived the shooting. His roommate and best friend, Raymond Primas died.

"They found me on the sidewalk at the Food Lion passed out with blood dripping," McDuffie said. "But I guess once he shot me, he was a ruthless guy so I guess he just came around the car and shot my roommate, you know, Raymond. And just killed him."

Police say Primas managed a short getaway after being shot.

"The individual that passed away actually made it to his car," Jamie Smith, Fayetteville Police spokesperson, said. "[He] Was able to get in his car, drive away but was involved in a single car accident a very short distance away from the Food Lion, and he died as a result of the gunshot wounds."

McDuffie was shot in the leg and lost a lot of blood. He says the shooting stemmed from an argument he had with Schofield.

"He had a girlfriend with him and I guess I looked at her the wrong way," McDuffie said. "And I guess he didn't agree with that. He started talking and me and him got in an argument. And before you know it, I get out the car and he start shooting."

McDuffie had to undergo surgery two days after the shooting to stop the bleeding in his leg. He continues his road to recovery.

Meanwhile, Schofield remain in jail without bond in the Cumberland County Detention Center.

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