Narrow parking spaces frustrate hospital patrons


Complaints range from tight spaces to confusing direction to get in and out of the deck.

The Pavilion Parking Deck has been open for about five months and while most visitor like the convenince the new 55-space deck brings, there are some complaints.

"It's very nice," hospital patron David Sinclair said. "I just don't like about it cause it's so small when you have larger SUVs get in it. They're not able to back out and turn around more."

Other drivers agrees the spaces are too small.

"The parking spaces are too narrow," Michael Grossman said. "I come up here quite a bit, I'm a Pastor. Other than that, everything else is fine."

Motorists say they have problems getting in and out because the spaces are 90 degrees as opposed to angled spaces. Hospital spokesman Clinton Weaver explains two-way traffic is the reason.

"If it was one-way traffic, we would have angled spaces," hospital spokesman Clinton Weaver said. "The disadvantage, though would be would have fewer parking spaces and people would actually have to go all the way to the top floor and then circulate back down through the deck in order to exit the deck."

There have been some fender benders since the deck opened. A row of spaces has been taken out of service near the exit to make more room.

Now the hospital has installed mirrors to help drivers see around the bends and avoid accidents.

"They were also going to charge senior citizens for parking, but that's all changed," Weaver explained. "We talked to our legal counsel further about that issue and decided that we do not need to implement any kind of charge for the members of our Passport to Health Senior Program."

Despite what hospital leaders call growing pains, there are many positieve. Security guards roam the deck and cameras watch from 16 locations.

There's also a shuttle to the hospital entrance. Administrators say they plan to continue to make improvements.

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