New shutter problems and delays


He paid more than $4,000 for these shutters and says there's been problems ever since they were installed in February of 2007.

The problems include some of the shutters don't latch right, holes not covered up and one of the shutters is completely broken. Paul Lanham tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson he pointed each problem out to the owner of Blinds Plus.

He adds, "We took her window to window and she said we'd have to order new parts with this and new parts for this. They guaranteed us we'll be back out and take care of all this stuff."

Paul says the owner told him it would take just a few weeks to get the materials. Paul says, "After two weeks were over we contacted her and it was one excuse after another.

Finally, they told me it was going to be in May and then it still wasn't here." Paul filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and also says his attorney wrote Blinds Plus a letter, but Paul says he still couldn't get Blinds Plus to fix the problems. He adds, "I didn't have anywhere else to go and I saw you on TV and I said let's go get there."

Troubleshooter Diane Wilson talked with the owner of Blinds Plus. She said she got all the information on the parts needed to the manufacture and thought it was being taken care of.

She added she's had some personal problems that caused the delay but does want to do whatever it takes to rectify the situation. She ordered the parts and said it should be taken care of within two weeks.

It did take more than two weeks for all the parts to come in but Blinds Plus did come through. All the new parts, but one shutter were installed. Paul says that one shutter arrived broken.

Instead of waiting for a new shutter to come in, Paul and Blinds Plus came up with an agreement. Paul hired someone else to install the new parts, Blinds Plus paid for that installation.

Also, Paul did not pay blinds plus the remaining $500.00 he owed because of all the troubles he had with the installation.

Paul tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson after almost a year of waiting, he's happy this is finally behind him.

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