Lawsuit filed by Dominion Health Care


The suit claims Dominion is being forced out of business.

"They are concerned about their jobs," Gary said. "They are concerned about the mentally challenged patients out there in need of services and are being denied because of the dollar."

The lawsuit names local management entities or LMEs in Durham, Wake and Mecklenburg counties. It accuses the agencies of scheming to dismantle and destroy Dominion Health Care by denying health care to low income, mentally challenged people.

"With the stroke of a pen, they're putting thousands of people out of a job," Gary said. "It's not right."

The billion dollar lawsuit is the latest in a tug of war between Dominion and county mental health agencies. Dominion has been investigated for alleged violations and it is in danger of losing its license to bill Medicaid.

One agency named in the suit is the Durham Center. Dominion wouldn't comment Wednesday but have accused Dominion of improperly caring for medical records.

On the streets of Durham, people had mixed feelings about the suit.

"It costs the taxpayers," Durham resident Bradley Martin said. In the end it makes everybody else have to pay more money.

"I think it should be done," another resident said. "I think the people should be compensated for the wrong and injustice."

Dominion Health Care has an officer in Raleigh and employs more than 1,000 people. Gary made it clear he's ready for a fight.

"There is no question in our mind that these defendants are about the business of setting the providers up to fail," Gary said.

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