Durham businesses struck by crime spree


The targets include restaurants, convenience stores, even a hair salon.

On Saturday, Captain D's restaurant became the latest business to be struck by the crime spree. The thieves still have not been caught.

In each case, it is a similar incident. One or two armed men walk into a Durham business demanding cash. They get it, and then flee, either on foot or by car.

"It is personal. You go back. You watch it on tape and you see how personal it is. And it's tough," Captain D's owner, Phillip Harris said.

The surveillance video from Caption D's shows the same scenario. Harris hopes the men in the video will be recognized by someone who knows them.

Police are reviewing surveillance tapes and speaking to victims, trying to narrow the search. So far descriptions are vague, but its clear area business owners and customers want police to put a stop to the heists.

"I don't like it. I'm down here all the time," Durham resident, Janet Seagroves said. "I know everyone here and it's a shame people come in and do something like that."

Authorities have yet to make any arrests and they are asking for the public's help.

If anyone has information about the robberies, please call the Durham Police Department.

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