Morrrisville board approves development plan


The plan, which includes stores, restaurants and apartments, will be located at Cary Parkway and Chapel Hill Road.

On Monday -- in a five to two vote-- town leaders gave the go-ahead for the expansion of Park West Village.

It was standing room only at the meeting, were people stood divided about the development that will sit on nearly 100 acres of land.

The proposal calls for more than 300 apartments, a movie theatre and other shops and restaurants. Some Morrisville residents say it is long overdue.

"It seems like there are two streets that everyone drives all the time, there's always traffic, and this way we have someplace to go in Morrisville," resident Robin Morganstern said.

However, critics do not agree.

"It just cannot be handled by the roads in that area," resident, Harry Clew.

People like Clew believe the plan will create unsafe traffic, decrease property value and increase taxes. But the developer says all those concerns have been addressed.

"We reduced the AMT of residential, reduced the square footage of retail development," Connell Radcliff, president of First Carolina Properties said.

He says as part of the deal, they have agreed on a $4 million road improvement project.

Developers expect Park West Village to open in the fall of next year.

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