NAACP, supporters march to legislative building


The North Carolina NAACP organized the event aimed to press lawmakers to pass a 14-point list of legislative reforms.

The march followed a rally at Chavis Park. Organizers from the N.C. NAACP and members of more than 80 other groups spoke about anti-racism, anti-poverty and an anti-war agenda that includes a 14-point list of policy recommendations for lawmakers.

"From education to health care, to strengthening our civil rights laws, to addressing what happened to the reparation of 1898, to sterilization, to lifting our historically black colleges and funding them like we should, giving state workers labor rights, taking care of justice at Smithfield those are agendas that connect," William Barber, president N.C. NAACP chapter, said.

The agenda focuses on everything from more funding for education and healthcare, to immigrant rights, abolishing the death penalty and ending the war in Iraq.

"I agree with all the things they're trying to accomplish," Wayne County marcher John Boyle said.

"Everybody got personal reasons why they out here," marcher Eric Bethea said.

The marchers headed to the legislative building to give lawmakers a report card on how they feel lawmakers supported last year's list. The group hopes to put pressure on lawmakers and make them listen.

"I think if we did not have hope that they would listen, we would not be here," Burke County marcher Barbara Myers said.

Organizers say the HKonJ is just the first steps on a long journey for change.

"It was intended to be a movement," Barber said.

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