McCalls restaurant starts rebuilding


September, 21, 2007 is a day employees working at McCall's Barbeque and Seafood Restaurant will never forget. They were minutes away from opening for lunch when a plane smashed through the building. The pilot died.

"I was here that day the plane crashed. September 21st. Boom, a deafening boom and this whole building shook", recalls General Manager Terry Tyner. Right here was my desk, right here," he said.

Tyner was a few feet away from disaster the day the small plane crashed into the restaurant. "When I looked at the big ceiling, all I could see was fire just rolling," Tyner said.

Not one employee was seriously hurt.

Since the frightening accident Tyner and a whole team have been working to rebuild. Monday construction was set to begin on repairing the gaping hole left when the plane slammed into the front of the restaurant.

"Hopefully, they'll be here today to get started on the dining room part, the hull of the building," said Tyner. "This is just like my home right here. This is my second home away from home and the employees are my family," he said.

McCalls is set to open in late spring or early summer.

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