Does it work? Tide to Go

It's something for the "neat freak" in all of us, a product that claims to clean a stain off you, right on the spot. It's as small as a marker, fits just about anywhere, and claims to clean instantly.

Angela Sampson says her twins Nalani and John keep her busy fighting stains.

"They get spaghetti, ice cream and everything on they can stain." That's why Angela's hoping the Tide to Go stick can help her out.

It's marketed as a great way to clean fresh food and drink stains, but not necessarily greasy stains. We got out some messy food, and got them dirty before we tried to get them clean.

First, we put some ketchup on a shirt, and we wipe up the excess. Then we put Tide to Go to work.

Angela followed the instructions which say to press down the tip several times to release the solution and rub gently.

"This is how it gets a little complicated" said Angela as she rubbed the stain. While some of the color does fade, Angela notices it doesn't disappear, "It just kinds of turned pink instead of red and it didn't go away completely."

So how about trying Tide to Go with chocolate sauce? She wipes off the excess, applies the tide to go and while the Tide to Go: does help, you can still see the stain. It was the same story with bar-b-que sauce.

Angela says she was not impressed with the results, "Honestly it wasn't as good as I thought it would be. For a busy mom of two it is not too helpful." We also tried Tide to Go on smaller stains, and once again, while it did fade the stain, it didn't completely disappear.

So we give "Tide to Go" a thumbs down.

It's not expensive, just $3, but we never did fully get rid of the stain.

One note, Angela did wash the kid's clothes after using the Tide to Go stick and said the stains did come out. So she thought it was a better pretreater than an instant stain remover.

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