Person County hit hard by snow


Several inches fell overnight causing the Person County School System to close.

"They said it was just gonna be a little bit, but, I was glad it was a lot because we got out of school," said student Kyle Gentry.

Kyle spent the day sledding with his brother Zach. While the snow was fun for the Gentry brothers to play in, it was another story for drivers.

Several cars skidded and slid right off the road from the ice. On Chub Lake Road in Person County, an suv ended up on its side after the driver lost control. She wasn't hurt.

But the winter weather didn't stop business in downtown Roxboro. At Tricias Espresso, the cold temperatures helped business.

"People come out when it's cold and they want good coffee hot coffee and thats what we got," said owner Tricia Davis. "So, we have no complaints."

After a few dry winters, The Gentry brothers weren't complaining about the snow either.

"It hasnt snowed for two years, and I didnt think it would snow this winter," said Zach Gentry. "It was enough to go sledding," added Kyle Gentry.

The highway patrol says despite the snow, it only responed to four accidents from 10 p.m. Wednesday through noon Thursday. Authorities say there were no major injuries.

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