Residents demand change from metals plant


Perhaps the most significant development at Sunday's meeting was a promise from the owner, Greg Brown, of the Raleigh metals plant. He told community members effective Monday, his plant will no longer accept any more munitions.

Residents want to know how live ammunition made its way into the metal recycling plant just blocks from their home.

A question the owner of Raleigh Metal Processors still cannot answer, but he is giving residents some piece of mind, by promising he will no longer accept the spent ammunitions his company routinely processes.

"We do accept spent shells things that are empty. From now on were not going to take them anymore I don't care if they're spent or not spent," Brown said.

Meanwhile there is a federal investigation into who sold Brown the live ammo and more importantly how the weapons were taken from military property in the first place.

"The commander did tell us it came from the firing range and it was one of their duds and they have contracting company to clean these things up and that's the only thing they know at this time," Assistant to Congressman Etheridge Carolyn Smith said.

While residents wait on answers they are asking for immediate changes; higher safety standards, a more effective evacuation and notification plan and reimbursement for their financial losses.

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