Politicos buzzing over Obama's secret meeting with Edwards


The visit Sunday follows another secret visit from Senator Hillary Clinton. Both want an Edwards' endorsement.

The meeting between Obama and Edwards was so secret, Chopper 11 video is the only proof it happened.

"We just wanted to talk about how we could move the party in a direction that focuses on middle class issues, relieving poverty, reducing the influence of special interest in Washington," Obama said.

Edwards reportedly had the same talk with Clinton the week before, in another secret meeting.

He has said he will only endorse Clinton or Obama if they champion his positions against poverty for working class families.

"He wanted to make sure that they were committing not only their campaigns, but in their potential administrations," former law partner and long-time Edwards' friend, David Kirby said.

Kirby says Edwards is torn between Obama and Clinton. Stuck over Obama's lack of experience and Clinton's ties to special interests, but says whoever gets his support will get more than they bargain for.

"He's a very good campaigner or speaker, and I think anyone would want his input or leadership in their campaign if you can get it," he said.

Obama supporters say an Edwards endorsement would actually enhance his appeal to blue collar and lower class voters -- a demographic that Hillary Clinton has done well with, ever since Edwards ended his campaign.

"That'll be especially important in Ohio and Texas which both have large blue collar populations," Ryan Mills with Triangle for Obama said.

Currently, Clinton is expected and needs to win the March 4 Texas and Ohio primaries. Both states have a combined 334 delegates.

If Edwards endorses Obama before then, it could change everything.

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