Poll: How much water are you using?

Compared to last year, is your household using more water? Less? Or about the same amount?

6% More
47% Less
46% About The Same
2% Not Sure

Have you installed water-saving devices, like low-flow showerheads and faucets?

30% Yes
67% No
2% Not Sure

How often do you take your car to a car wash?

4% Once a Week
7% Every Two Weeks
19% Once a Month
65% Less Often
5% Not Sure

Under the current situation, do you think car washes that recycle their water should? Or should not? Be allowed to operate?

74% Should
17% Should Not
9% Not Sure

How many gallons of water do you think you, yourself, personally use each day? 35 gallons or fewer? Between 35 and 50 gallons? 50 to 100 gallons? Or more than that?

69% 35 Or Fewer
24% 35-50
2% 50-100
1% More
3% Not Sure

Would you say you are doing a lot to conserve water? A little? Or nothing at all?

46% A Lot
46% A Little
6% Nothing
2% Not Sure

Have you ever violated the water restrictions where you live?

3% Yes
95% No
2% Not Sure

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