Police follow-up on possible abduction


They got a call about a possible abduction Tuesday but they still have no reports of a missing child.

"At this point. we do not have any children reported missing," Sergeant Jeremy Morris told /*Eyewitness News*/ Wednesday. He said no one has called the police department and officers have called local schools to make sure all children are accounted for.

A woman on Margot's Avenue called police after she said she saw a child who appeared to be four or five years old laying in her yard.

She told Eyewitness News over the phone that a woman forced the child into a pick-up truck that a man was driving. She said they drove away slowly, stopped in the middle of the street then sped past stop signs and out of the neighborhood.

"We had a vehicle description," Sergeant Morris said. "We were stopping quite a few vehicles that even came similar to matching that description and we had the area flooded really quickly."

/*Chopper 11*/ captured video of Wake Forest officers approaching a house with a dark truck in the driveway. They asked questions, searched the property then left.

"The man living there was very cooperative. He let us search everything and was very understanding," Sergeant Morris said. He added that officers stopped several trucks that matched the description and searched a couple of houses but found nothing.

"It may have been a parent who was having a problem with their child. I don't know, it could've been a child who was sick and had to get out of the vehicle and they were being put back in. We're not sure," he said.

One neighbor commended the woman for calling.

"We all live together and we have to look after our neighbors. The fact that she took action is so commendable, so commendable. I really am so proud of her."

Sergeant Morris commends the witness too. "If someone witnesses something that doesn't sit well with them there's probably a reason for it. It may not be anything but we would much rather her call and tell us what she saw and let us investigate."

Police hope the people involved in what may have been just a family situation will call to let them know that everything is all right. They want anyone else who may have seen something suspicious to call them as well.

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