Investigation continues into why boy jumped


The student is out of the hospital and answering questions from police.

"There was a car in [the] left lane, student was in right lane in roadway, so they were able to avoid colliding with the student," Sgt. Jaques Gilbert, Apex Police Department, said.

A break in traffic was just long enough to spare the 14-year-old boy.

"He's very fortunate," Sgt. Gilbert said.

Wake County school officials say the Lufkin Road Middle School student was facing disciplinary action when he left campus without permission Thursday, walked a mile to the Ten Ten Road overpass and jumped 17 down to U.S. 1.

Eyewitness News has learned both a teacher and another school administrator tried to talk the boy down from the edge and into their car. Their attempts were unsuccessful and by the time the school resource officer arrived, it was tool late.

"The SRO actually arrived at the scene and discovered there was a student lying in the roadway on U.S. 1," Sgt. Gilbert said.

Lufkin Road Middle School parents have a lot of questions.

"I'm very worried," parent Abir Dabbagh said. "I had no idea, I'm very concerned. I'd like to know why."

She also wants to know if school officials took too long to notify police and what drove the young student over the edge?

Police aren't saying much, trying to protect the boy's identity.

But parents who are just hearing about the incident for the first time as they picked up their children Friday hope school officials start talking soon.

"Usually they give us a call," Dabbagh said. "I'm surprised we haven't heard anything yet. I'm expecting a phone call today."

Apex Police have not interviewed the student yet, but school officials say they visited and spoke with the student at the hospital.

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