Troubleshooter: flooring job never started


She tells /*Troubleshooter*/ Diane Wilson, "I wanted it to be done in the minimum time possible and we wanted to coordinate the kitchen and the floor project." While Amrapali's kitchen project got done, her floors were still not started or finished 4 months after signing the contract. She adds, "The floors never got started. He just kept saying that I will do it, I will get to it but it never got started. We just gave up on him and went with someone else."

The owner of /*Advantage Construction Sales*/ did agree to release the Bose from the contract and return the $2,200 deposit. But Amrapali says, "Six months down the road, no sign of him. If course I want my money back, it's my hard earned money."

Troubleshooter /*Diane Wilson*/ got in touch with the owner of Advantage Construction Sales. In April of last year, he told me the Bose have been difficult to work with and he was ready to do their job. He said the delays were due to the flooring being on backorder. But he did admit, he did agree to release them of the contract and return the deposit. He said it would just take a few weeks. Weeks turned into months and he continued to promise to get Amrapali the money. It took ten months but Advantage Construction Sales did come through and Amrapali got her full deposit back, plus an extra $100.00 dollars for the delays. She adds, "I'm happy I finally got the money back and I'll be very careful next time."

The owner of Advantage Construction Sales also apologized numerous times for the delays and just said he had a very difficult 2007 due to circumstances beyond his control.

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