Police follow clues in Carson murder


Investigators say the two photos show the same man using Eve Carson's ATM card.

Chapel Hill Police Chief Brian Curran says the photos have generated hundreds of leads, but so far he's nowhere to be found.

In the first photo released over the weekend, the "person of interest" appeared to look almost into the camera as he tried to use Eve Carson's bank card to withdraw cash. In the photo he wore a distinctive Houston Astros baseball hat.

On Monday the Chapel Hill Police Department released a second set of photos from a convenience store where Eve Carson's ATM card was used again. Curran said, "The person that we're looking at appears to us to be the person from the other photographs, who is the driver."

In addition to the photos being release, investigators say they've found Eve's cell phone on a road between Chapel Hill and Durham. They've also searched Carson's campus computer and memory card for clues. Curran says there's no evidence Carson had any previous contact with her killer. "It still feels like a random crime to us," Curran said.

With questions of gang activity circulating, Chief Curran says it's too early in the investigation to make that assumption. "That is certainly one possible scenerio. But until we identify this person and have a chance to sit down and talk to him, talking about a gang connection will just be speculation on my part," Curran said.

Investigators say they still have reason to believe the suspect and a possible second suspect are still in the area. The official search has not extended out of state.

Anyone who recognizes this man, or may have seen Eve Carson's Blue /*Toyota Highlander*/ between Wednesday morning or Thursday afternoon is asked to the /*Chapel Hill Police*/.

Funeral services for 22-year-old Eve Carson were held in her hometown of Athens, Georgia over the weekend. UNC Chapel Hill is planning a formal memorial service for the student body president after spring break.

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