Durham mother reports school bus assault


Last Friday Latresha Harwell says there was trouble onboard her daughter's Bethesda Elementary School bus. "There was a fight on the bus and she was walking down the aisle and they start smacking her on the behind and grabbing other private parts and I just think that was inappropriate," Harwell explained.

According to Latresha, the bus driver got off the bus and left the children unsupervised for several minutes. Latresha says her daughter kept quiet at first, but then opened up to her grandmother. When Lastresha went to Durham County School officials with the problem, she says the boys were let off easy.

"They might get what three to four days off the bus and I still think that's inappropriate because whether they was horse playing around or whatever the case may have been, it was still some form of sexual harassment." Latresha adds, "I think it should be handled differently then how it has been handled."

Eyewitness News contacted Durham County School officials about the situation and they wouldn't comment on the incident. Latresha says the district has kept details of the investigation from her as well. She adds officials have not offered counseling for her daughter - so she's speaking out.

"I'm actually a lot calmer than I was when I first heard about it. But I'm still not happy with the results. And would like to know what's gonna be done. What's being done. the process and everything. And they just refuse to tell me," Latresha said.

Now the Durham mother plans to drive her daughter to and from school every day. She is also considering taking the matter to the police.

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