Troubleshooter: Credit card charge


But he continued to get statements saying he owed the money. So James called Citibank. James told Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "I called the number on the statement and tried to explain it's been paid and they had no record of it."

James said he faxed Citibank a copy of the canceled check that proves he paid the bill, and that Citibank cashed it. But James adds, "I continued to fax it to them and no one ever investigated it."

James continued to get statements, and this time saying he owed even more money. He says, "The late fees kept adding up and I was determined I wasn't going to pay the same bills twice."

James called Troubleshooter Diane Wilson and she got in touch with Citigroup. James got a letter apologizing for the mix-up and confirmed he did already make payment back in October. James tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "I thank you, you make a difference."

A rep for Citigroup told Troubleshooter Diane Wilson after their investigation, they changed his account to paid in full, waived the late fees and finance charges and gave James a goodwill credit of $25. They also thanked us for bringing it to their attention.

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