UNC students react to safety concerns


The Daily Tar Heel is out with a survey on how safe people feel in and around campus.

"People knew here everyone knew her," UNC Junior Taylor Murphy said. "But no one is blaming anyone for it, the school especially not."

The Daily Tar Heel is asking readers to weigh in on their website survey. The question: Do you feel safe on and around campus?

Despite the killing of Eve Carson just a mile away from campus, 63% of those who voted say they feel safe or very safe. 12% say they feel a little safe, 19% say they feel not safe or very unsafe and 6% said they did not know according to the Daily Tar Heel site.

Lane Erickson, a sophomore at UNC Chapel Hill said, "I kind of feel the same way before any of this happened. There's always a need to take precautions. But I don't feel unsafe so to speak."

Sophomore, Matt Kaczmarski adds, "I actually feel pretty safe here. I mean I see cops rolling around on bikes here all the time. I never feel that my safety is ever being threatened at all."

But even some of those who say they feel personally safe, also say they do think the Carson killing is going to affect the way many others see their campus community.

Eve Carson was found shot to death in a Chapel Hill neighborhood on March 5th. Laurence Lovette, 17, and Demario Atwater, 21, have been charged with Carson's death. Lovette has also been charged with the shooting death of Duke University graduate student 29-year-old Abhijit Mahato.

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