New twist in Cary robbery, shooting


It was allegedly all part of a plan hatched by her co-workers.

Two people have been arrested for the crime that happened last year, but a third suspect has never been captured.

The /*FBI*/ is on the case and filed a federal criminal complaint with details of the crime the public never heard.

Many were shocked when a /*Cary*/ woman was shot while making a Sunday deposit at a /*Bank of America*/ ATM last June.

But none more than the people who work at /*Allstate Insurance Agency*/, the office building next door. Brian Clarke works at Allstate and makes deposits at the bank where the shooting and robbery happened.

"There's always speculation in an office building like this, especially when it happens so close. You know, everyone talks and people were just a little nervous for a little while," Clarke said.

When /*Eyewitness News*/ showed Clarke the court documents that reveal details in the case, he was surprised to learn the victim's co-workers at the nearby /*Burlington Coat Factory*/ Store are believed to be a part of the plan to rob her.

"That's a little odd. It's a little different than we were led to believe initially," Clarke said. "Um, it seems like a little teamwork in play."

Police arrested Terrance Lyles and Monique Price in Philadelphia last year, but the third suspect, Phillip Scoob Williams is said to be on the run in Pennsylvania.

Having previously thought the crime was random, Clarke was relieved to hear that it was allegedly plan.

"I don't have to worry about getting assaulted or anything like that, because it was a conspiracy with employees and things of that nature," he said. "They knew when the deposit was being made and they decided that's when they were going to act."

Although Clarke now realizes he was not at risk in the crime, he feels for the victim.

"She was just a person that was working hard, making a deposit for the company on the weekend. You know, going out of her way to, I guess do her duty and then getting assaulted like that. You don't wish any harm like that on anybody," Clarke said.

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