Raleigh homeowners targeted by criminals


People living along Creedmoor Road, north of /*Interstate 540*/, contacted Eyewitness News about the burglaries.

Several people say they are unnerved about what appears to be a string of /*robberies*/.

Several neighborhoods along /*Creedmoor Road*/ in North Raleigh are giving the same story.

"Basically there was a truck at the end of my driveway … a gentleman was walking away from my house to the truck," Homeowner, Dan Patzwaldt said.

Raymond Wright says two men came to his door posing as landscapers.

"Fortunately we've got the two dogs and they'd run to the door, maybe they deter them from coming in," Wright said.

However, it did not stop them from smashing his next door neighbor's front window and stealing expensive electronics in February.

Residents are taking matters into their own hands, sending out e-mail alerts to warn others.

"These people are very bold, the fact that they're going to do it during the day," Homeowner, Melissa Hayes said.

"Everyone's obviously concerned about it," Wright added.

The /*Sheriff's Department*/ is investigating and have increased patrols in the area after other break-ins in /*North Raleigh*/.

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