Warning for student drivers


Last year, /*Johnston County*/ led the state in teen fatalities. That is way there is a movement to raise awareness as prom season approaches.

/*Princeton High School*/ seniors and juniors miss the three classmates killed in automotive accidents.

Reese Richardson was a junior at North Johnston High when he died in a head on collision on January 21, 2007.

"This is something I'd rather not have to do. But if Reese's life and death can help me save some other kids, that's the message he'd like to give," said Rickey Richardson, father whose son died in an accident.

He was one of 11 Johnston County teens killed in auto wrecks.

Richardson said he worried about his son's safety when Reese learned to drive. He said he got him a truck, hoping that would help him slow down. But on the night Reese was killed, he was not even behind the wheel.

That is why he reminds students to be strong enough to say no before riding with anyone who may be impaired or who drives recklessly.

"I pay a lot more attention to my driving. I'm trying to pay more attention to what happens to me and the people I care about," a student said.

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